Only when the society comes together and contributes.It was popularised in the the we will be able to make an impact.

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Urgent cause

We help more than 2k children&3k Women every year

We are among the crowdfunding community connecting, nonprofits, donors, and companies in the Jaipur. We help nonprofits from

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Education for the Children

In this program we provde the children with the resources so thatthey can continue their studies further.

Women Empowerment

Withthe help of Himalaya we set Up 100+ Laxmi shops to provide self employment and make them self sufficient and indepedent

Environment Preservation

In this program we plant the trees and take care of them so that environment can be preserved and we have better Environment.

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Since 2007
17 Years of Journey for social work
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We tried our Best to give the best contribution from the donations we receive from our donors

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Trusted non profit donation center(NGO)

Our Mission: SEARCH works to defeat poverty and to empower women in the society. Upliftment of the unprivilaged kids and Nature preservation
Our Vision: SEARCH works to defeat poverty and to empower women in the society.
Our Velues:To Serve for the Society and return what receivrd back to Society
Our Recent Works

Our Latest Works & Activities

These are some of the Latest Activities we did for public wellfare you can contribute any donation amount if you want.

सशक्त बेटी परियोजना

In this we give the benefit to the family having girlchild at their home from education to marriage and other support.

Eye Camp for Everyone

For the people who cannot affort for eye checkup doctor we organize the Eye Camp.

Protecting Environment

We plant the trees and take care of them to save the environmental resources.

Himalaya Products donation

Himayala distributed their products for donation at Rural place as we have collab with Himalayas as well

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How can we help you?

You can give donations, start Fundraising and become a member or volunteer

If you know needy you can simply reach us by Contact Us page we provide help in the places where under-previllaged children and women are present esoically rural areas.

We organize activities for public wellfare eapically for children,women and environment eapically for education , healthcare and livlihood development.

Welcome To SEARCH.org we are here to improve Life And Make A Positive Impact

Only when the society comes together and contributeswe will be able to make an impact.

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